Know 4S Farm

Our cows are the life of our farm. We make sure that they are able to spend an easy, healthy and happy life amidst green surroundings.

  • Every cow at the farm is fed best in class feed that comprises a certain proportion of barley, wheat, miller, maize and green fodder, which is absolutely free from pesticides
  • Each and every cow at the farm is vaccinated to live a disease-free life
  • The cattle at our farm is free-range (left free to roam about) and has 24*7 access to water
  • For the comfort of our cows, we replace the soil bed with desert sand every alternate day
  • Concrete floors are covered with padded and soft rubber mats for the convenience of the cow

The distinguishing factors of the Dairy Farm are as mentioned below.

  • Bypass protein and bypass fat is given on regular intervals to enhance the quality of milk yield
  • Our cows are given live yeast culture (fed to thoroughbred race horses) on a daily basis to ensure high absorption of vital nutrients from their diet
  • No injection of oxytocin or steroids are given to increase the quantity of the milk; also ensuring the milk is free from toxins
  • No matter how expensive, only qualified-veterinarian-doctor prescribed medicines and antibiotics are given as and when required.
  • The shelters are cooled by fogging machines and fans and are cleaned at least thrice a day.
  • Devotional and spiritual music is played at the time of milking to decrease any kind of stress for the livestock.

You are cordially invited to spend a leisurely afternoon at our dairy farm Company Delhi, evaluating and enjoying a wholesome glass of farm fresh milk along with a delectable bite of healthy cheese. Having tasted the goodness, you can take your own time to decide and subscribe for a daily dose of health.

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