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  • What is Farm Fresh Milk?
  • Farm fresh milk is the most natural milk produce that has absolutely no pesticides and no artificial substances in it. It is manufactured and packaged on the farm in its most natural state.
  • Do You Blend Two Different Varieties?
  • We do not indulge in adulterating one variety of milk with another. Therefore, blending of milks, like that of buffalo ilk with cow milk is not permitted at 4S.
  • Why is 4S Milk marginally more expensive than other varieties?
  • Our labeled price is comparatively higher than competitor products because:
  • The milk is never injected with hormones like rBGH
  • The milk is collected fresh from the farm, and therefore, is qualitatively superior
  • The milk is ISO certified and is a 100% cow produce
  • We market our produce directly and therefore need to cover the cost of supply
  • How Do I purchase 4S Milk?
  • 4S Milk is available only by subscription. We do not sell through retail shops or any other medium. You can get your desired quantity of 4S Milk only by subscribing with us.
  • What are the available products of 4S in the market?
  • We provide 4S Milk, 4S Butter, 4S Paneer & 4S Ghee
  • Why do you send the milk in glass bottles? We're too scared of breaking them during handling?
  • Glass is the safest material on earth for packaging of F&B.
  • Our brand values don’t go with plastic or anti-environment materials, thus we use glass bottles for packaging, its very tough for us to do glass bottles but doing organic and then using plastic is not acceptable.
  • If we are committed to have a better place to live, a better food to eat then what are you afraid of, just join us in the movement. We only seek your support , encouragement and cooperation.
  • Why don’t you pasteurize your milk?
  • Pasteurization is nothing but a way to improve the shelf life of the product, it has nothing to do with nutritional quality of the milk.
  • Pasteurization is a process of killing bad bacteria in the milk with the help of high temperatures and shock heating. This leads to killing of nutritional content of the milk and it also changes the protein (amino cells) structure of the milk, which can lead to several ailments in longer run
  • I can't set good dahi with the milk. It's quite runny. Why is that so?
  • A. Firstly, the milk available in the market is either made from powder OR SMP mixed, hence you get curd very thick and creamy (chakka kind of), because of the powder content in the milk.
  • 4S Milk is 100% farm fresh, direct from the udder, so there is natural SNF (powder properties) which is relatively low in comparison to conventional milk brands
  • Setting curd with 4S Milk is altogether different thing vis-à-vis conventional brands. When you put 4S Milk for boiling/heating (while setting curd) make sure that you put/mix culture when the milk is 5 mins to boil and then maintain the temperature of the utensil
  • Don’t use readymade curd (pouch/cup/matki etc.) as culture, either use the curd or Chaach (Butter Milk) made from 4S Milk.
  • I've had cow's milk when I was a child, and it was always yellow in colour. But the milk you supply is white. Is it really cow's milk?
  • Its not necessary that it should be yellow in color, today even the pouch milk from many brands give yellow cream.
  • Presence of synthetic milk, urea and oil cakes lead to yellow color in milk irrespective of cow or buffalo. After boiling and refrigerating the milk, you can witness that the malai/cream layer on the top is slightly yellow (you can say tinge of yellow), primarily because we don’t use any kind of oil seed cakes etc. for cattle feeding
  • If it's full-fat cow's milk, why isn't there any thick malai on it after it is boiled and cooled? I want to give my child full-fat milk, as recommended by my pediatrician.
  • Full fat milk from cow cannot be compared with conventional brands milk, because the latter is majorly buffalo milk. Also, in conventional brands, cream/fat is added as per percentage proportions to make different variants. Conventional full cream brands contain 6% fat.
  • Cow full fat milk cannot be more than 4.5% fat because it is the natural lactating property of the cow that its light in terms of fat, thus easy to digest. That’s why its widely known that cow milk fat is GOOD FAT

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