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4S Farm Fresh Cow Milk Online Available, 4S Milk works like a nutrient fill that reduces the health gap created by unwholesome lifestyle and adulterated consumption. A glass of 4S Milk works like an elixir on your overall fitness. The natural sweetness of the milk helps you cut down on the sugar intake, adding to the health quotient. For the kids, 4S milk is a bottle full of delicious nourishment. To get your daily dose of health and wellbeing, you can register with us byclicking here.

4S Farm Fresh Cow Milk is completely free from preservatives and chemicals. Immediately after milking, it is packaged in non toxic, Food Grade packs & chilled. Our cows are fed top quality balanced diet with special focus on the correct amount & ratio of carbohydrates, protein, fat, Vitamins, Minerals, & Trace Elements. High quantity of Calcium Phosphate, in the correct ratio, along with vitamin D3 is given on a regular basis to enrich the quality of the milk produced. Recommended by vets and Veterinary Scientists, the feed is safe and healthy.

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4S Farm Fresh Cow Milk

Nastiness at bay and Tastiness at its best – precisely sums up 4S Milk. It is pure & Farm Fresh Cow Milk that you can completely trust and ensure good health.



Hi! My family and I have been consuming Farm Fresh Cow Milk from 4S Foods for the last some months now. The taste of the milk is so different from the packaged milk…

Bihu Sharma

Its been only half a month that I switched to 4S Milk on recommendation of my family doctor for the kids. The consistency of this milk is so good that it…

Saurabh Maggo

When we relocated to Delhi last year, we were having a very hard time finding farm fresh organic milk. Then came across 4S Milk and became subscribers…


I have a 2 year old baby and am always very particular about what kind of food products I given her. I have been using 4S Milk for a few month…


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