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Pure Milk India – 4S Farm Fresh Cow’s Milk is an truthful attempt to serve nutritious, chemical-free and preservative-free milk.
It is pure & organic cow’s milk that you can completely trust and ensure good health.

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Nutritious and chemical free fodder

What the bovines eat decides the nature of milk. Our cows are encouraged with an adjusted apportion fusing every single essential supplement (vitality, proteins, minerals and vitamins) in right extents. Dairy animals have admittance to clean drinking water free from nearness of any unsafe overwhelming metals.

Environment friendly

Glass is one of the most secure materials, non-poisonous and non-responsive, when contrasted with other bundling materials, for example, plastic, which can filter into sustenance items. Our image values don’t run with plastic or hostile to environment materials, subsequently we utilize glass bottles for bundling.

Organic Dairy Farming In India

No preservatives and adulterants

The milk got from the cows is unadulterated and does not have any additives, (for example, formalin), which is generally utilized by nearby dairy sellers. We guarantee the milk stays safe by utilizing cold supply chain network forms.

No synthetic growth hormones

The cows are not given any hormonal infusions to support the milk yield. Thinks about have connected the utilization of milk tainted with oxytocin to the early onset of adolescence in kids, which is on a disturbing ascent nowadays.

Milk Delivered In Glass Bottles Gurgaon

4S Farm Fresh Pure Cow Milk and Other Products

Nastiness at bay and Tastiness at its best – precisely sums up 4S Farm Fresh Organic Milk Product.
It is make pure & organic cow’s milk that you can completely trust and ensure good health.

Organic Paneer Online
Organic Paneer In Gurgaon India
Organic Paneer In Gurgaon India
Organic Paneer Online

Currently 4S Organic products are available Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida on subscription basis

How it works

Fresh Cow's Milk from Farm to Table in Few Hours

4S farm
Quality Checks
Hygienic Milking
Chilling Before Bottling
Packaging & Bottling
We have a single breed of cows housed in select mid-size farms under 50 kms from the city. The fodder and well-being of the cattle is monitored under supervision of trained veterinarians at all times.
We keep a stringent check on the cattle quality, fodder and processes at the farm. Samples of our milk are regularly checked and passed by FSSAI accredited labs for any trace of chemicals, pesticides or toxins.
We ensure our cattle sheds and cattle are washed multiple times during the day. The milking of cows is done by automatic milking machine and is untouched by hands.
Milk is chilled to 2℃ in Bulk Milk Coolers. At this temperature the natural goodness of milk is retained without any harmful bacterial growth.
Chilled milk is packed in glass bottles so that the cold temperature is retained for a long duration. The bottles are sealed at the farm to ensure no that milk is delivered in tamper proof state.

Chilling Before Bottling
Packaging & Bottling

What Our Customers Say's!

We are fully satisfied that we are feeding top quality milk and its products i.e Pure Ghee and Paneer to our children in this world where most of the items are adultrated. I and my family wish the prosperity of the organisation of 4S Foods.
Kanwal Chopra
Lodhi Colony, New Delhi
Hi! My family and I have been consuming milk from 4S Foods for the last some months now. The taste of the milk is so different from the packaged milk that one instantly feels the freshness and purity associated with it. Second, the delivery system, prompt answers to any queries by Gajendra, make it stand out from other organic milk suppliers.I am quite keen on visiting the farm one day! Keep up the good work!
Bihu Sharma
Bihu Sharma, New Delhi
Its been only half a month that I switched to 4S Milk on recommendation of my family doctor for the kids. The consistency of this milk is so good that it tastes like shake and I mean it. On weekends after yoga I drink one litre direct from the bottle, without need of adding any sugar. My kids are enjoying it with or without adding flavors. Expect to have the quality maintained this way…..good job Gajender Ji!!
Saurabh Maggo
Jal Vayu Towers, Gurgaon

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