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Perfect Farms For Healthy Dairy Products

4S Foods is a complete organic dairy farm in New Delhi. Our farm products are selectively made in a hygienic way to reach your homes. Good health is necessary for superior nutrition, that is why we provide preservative-free Milk Delivery Gurgaon and all other dairy products.

Our Farm

4S Foods has got a fully organic daily farm of its own. Our Farm is more an orchard than just a dairy farm. The farm is covered with lush green gooseberry trees. We have a total cultivation area of 115 acres with 190 healthy cows.

  • The facilities at 4S Foods farm are numerous. We have installed a computerized chip for monitoring the cows. This chip gives detailed analysis of its digestive system, body temperature, rumination, and physical activity. This ensures that every cow remains healthy without any sickness. This reduces the risk of contamination in milk.
  • Our cows get 24 × 7 access to the required water and feed. To keep the place cool, we have got fans and foggers. Before milking our cows we compulsorily check the cow’s udder for any pus or traces of blood. We have got automatic milking parlor to avoid any further contamination. We never use any artificial growth hormones for our cows. They are all fed naturally.

We allow our subscribers to visit 4S Foods Farms every Saturday. This will make them gain good knowledge about organic dairy farming. This ensures trust and transparency in the preparation and production of our products.

Our Milk

Our Farm is located in Rewari, Haryana to provide the best quality natural milk in parts of Delhi. The milk at 4S Foods does not contain any additives or preservatives, it is whole milk that is directly obtained from the cow. We do not pasteurize the milk because it is meant to kill the good bacteria along with the bad ones.

We provide 100% natural raw milk that could be boiled at home. Domestic boiling within 90 minutes of delivery will kill the bad bacteria alone. This raw cow milk is FSSAI certified. We provide all Best Dairy Products In Delhi including butter, ghee, paneer and more.

Fresh Cow Milk Near Me
Our Processing unit

As we don’t process the milk, the processing unit mainly consists of dairy farming chilling and packaging. We use food grade glass bottles for packaging. The milk reaches your place in 24 hours after milking is done. We don’t charge for the home delivery we offer.

We are providing healthy dairy products from the most hygienic farms to sustain customer satisfaction.


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