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Paneer Online In Gurgaon

How Is Pre-packed Paneer Not Authentic?

Does the name of ‘Matar Paneer’ makes your mouth watering? Are you the one who can’t resist yourself from eating paneer?

The whitish Buy Paneer Online has many benefits because of the nutrients present in it. It strengthens the body, reduces risks of heart diseases, controls blood pressure, regularizes urinary system functioning, prevents skin from wrinkles, strengthens hair, reduces risks of breast cancer, improves metabolism, and the list goes on and on.

Paneer Online In Gurgaon

But how healthier is the pre-packed paneer you buy every day?

Try tasting a detergent, sulphuric acid, khoya, and milk powder together, and you will be filled with joy.

It’s not a joke! That’s what you might have been eating so far.

Your life doesn’t matter to some people. All that matters is profit. Yes, the profit, even if it comes by selling the spurious paneer.

In a recent inspection, an illegal factory was sealed for producing spurious paneer by using detergent and urea processed with sulphuric acid. To make it look authentic, they even add some skimmed milk powder and khoya in it. Read the full article 2,060 kg of paneer made with sulphuric acid seized by the Times of India. It’s not the only case which has emerged. If you google for the terms ‘spurious paneer’, you will find thousands of such news.

Now, what’s the guarantee that the pre-packed paneer which you buy is authentic?

Of course, there is no such clear proof of it, but your health may be at risk.

What to do?

Always check for the purity of the paneer which you are buying. The best way to stay on the safe side is to avoid local sellers and purchase paneer from the good quality-focused company only. One such company is 4S Foods which makes Fresh Organic Paneer on receiving the  orders from their customers. The paneer is prepared from fresh cow’s milk in a traditional way using curd/buttermilk. This paneer is soft and is free from any preservatives. Check it out here Organic Paneer by 4sFoods. Be very careful when it comes to health. Stay healthy! Stay safe!

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