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Milk processing for healthier milk at 4S Foods

Online Milk Delivery is a vital component and extremely beneficial for our health. We have been consuming it since our birth as its nutritional value is required for the growth and development of body both physically as well as mentally. Hence if it comes to winning the hearts of people by hour services and product we never fail.

Our location and specialty
We are located at Rewari Haryana which is certainly away from Gurgaon towards Jaipur highway. Customers get an extremely pure quality of milk from us. We don’t outsource the milk from local farmers or adjacent dairies. Total cultivation area of our farm is 115 acres and heard size is of 190 cows in the housing area of 12 acres. We are specialized for the most trusted services and thus there is no question of adulteration or something manipulative.

We all have always counted a glass of Organic Milk In Delhi and fruits as fundamentals of a healthy diet. We aim at providing preservative free or unadulterated milk and all the dairy products easily at your doorstep.

Our product list includes-

  • Ghee
  • Butter
  • Milk
  • Paneer
  • Khoya
  • Cream

About our milk processing techniques
We all fall into doubt when we heard about farms and cattle. Our milk processing techniques are fully automated by machines and there is no man-made effort involved. We have a huge processing plant and the components of it are dairy farm, chilling and milk packaging unit.

The other best possible facilities you get from 4S Foods are

  • Lead-free glass bottles
  • No adulteration
  • No question of any bacteria or micro germ
  • Soon after Milking and it reaches to the customers if asked

Our customer range is from hotels, schools, milk points, and local houses. When called upon, we also perform bulk deliveries for customers.

Our milk is FSSAI certified and we also offer the following patterns for the purity of our product

  • We have been conducting frequent visits to our forms in order to maintain supervision and transparency.
  • Our products are lab tested by the technicians and we have shared the reports multiple times with the consumers.

The services provided by us also come with certain guidelines. We would also like to mention them so that customers get a complete idea about the 4S products. We deliver the products in every quantity available. We don’t charge for the breakage until it is frequent. We swear by purity and performance.

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