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Comparison of 4S Milk with Other Milk Brands in Delhi and Gurgaon

The 4S milk is the most natural milk produced that has neither any pesticides nor any artificial substance in it. At the farm, the 4S milk is manufactured and packaged in its most natural state. The 4S farm fresh milk is the only pure and organic cow’s milk on which you can completely trust on and also ensure good health. Organic cow milk has recently come up as the popular topic of discussion as because the quality of the normal milk continues to degrade.

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Why 4S milk is better than other milk Brands

Unlike the other brand of the milk, the 4S farm fresh milk does not indulge in adulterating one variety of milk with another variety. Hence blending of milk like that of the buffalo milk with the cow milk is strictly prohibited at 4S farm fresh milk Organic Milk Delhi.

There is a very strong reason that supports the labelled 4S milk price is marginally more expensive than other milk brands in Delhi as well as Gurgaon. The reason for it follows:

• The milk at this farm is not injected with the hormones like the rBGH whereas other milk brand uses this hormone at their farm for more quantity of milk.

• The milk that is collected from the 4S farm are generally fresh and therefore superior in quality relative to the other milk brands in Delhi and Gurgaon.

• The milk at 4s farm is certified by the ISO and the milk is of 100% cow produced.

• The cost of supply also needs to be recovered as the 4S products are market directly.

The 4S milk could be availed only through subscription as the milk are not sold by any retail shop or any other third party. You can easily get any number of desired quantity of 4S milk online just by subscribing.

There are also various 4S foods available in the market like the 4S Butter, 4S Paneer and also 4S Cow Ghee.

There is review given by the consumer that the quality of the 4S milk is really very good.

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