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Cow Milk In Gurgaon

Benefits of having preservative free organic milk

The health benefits of milk are very well known to everyone. However, the increasing use of fertilizers and chemicals has resulted in degradation in the quality of the food including milk. The various methods used for preservation of packaged food further add unwanted chemicals that can be even harmful. Thus, the world is moving back to organic food that is raised without any use of artificial chemicals. best organic milk offers a great advantage over the traditional milk and is very helpful in preventing common diseases such as diabetes, cancer, depressions etc.

Pure Cow Milk

Is it worth paying higher amount for Organic Milk?

Cost is an important factor that determines our selection of goods. The same applies when we shop for food products including. However, buying any food product or milk is different from buying clothes. The packaged milk that we get from the shops may be available at a significantly lesser price but it lacks the nutrients. It may also contain harmful chemicals that have been used as fertilizers or pesticides sprayed on the fodder of the cows.

In most cases, cows are fed with growth hormones or GMO food. The concentration of these artificial chemicals keeps on increasing as they are passed from plants to cows and then from cows to our body. These chemicals do not show an immediate effect but degrade our body slowly.

Organic Milk provides more Omega-3 to our body

Omega-3 is an important component present in the food that keeps us healthy and free from diseases. One the other hand, Omega-6 is harmful to our body. The ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 should be high in our body. All types of processed food products are rich in Omega-6, included the pasteurised milk that we get from the market. Organic milk helps in correcting this ratio in our body by providing high-quality milk that is rich in Omega-3.

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